Welcome to new master students!

New master students at Haapaniemi Lab

In June, four master students – Sigrid Fu Skjelbostad, Tuva Sundell, Henriette Nikolaisen Myrland and Ruchi Saigal – joined our lab to participate in laboratory training in CRISPR gene editing. This training
lasts for 6 weeks, during which the students will learn basic techniques used routinely in molecular biology such as cell culture, nucleic acid isolation as well as more sophisticated methods such as electroporation of RNP complexes in fibroblasts and ddPCR. 

We’re very excited to pass our knowledge to new students and are looking forward to working with them in the future too!

New master students group pipetting
Group pipetting
Ruchi and Tuva
Ruchi and Tuva
Sigrid and Henriette
Sigrid and Henriette

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