We’ve received a 19.9m NOK grant from KLINBEFORSK

In December 2022, we received a significant 19.9 million NOK funding from KLINBEFORSK for developing CRISPR-Cas9 gene therapy for STAT1 Gain-of-Function disease.

KLINBEFORSK is the national programme for clinical treatment research in Norway which aims to widen trial treatment participation options for patients and ultimately contribute to more effective, safe and high-quality health services. This funding is part of their goals for strengthening ongoing investment in advanced cell therapies in Norway.

Our project involves developing T-cell therapy for Gain-of-Function disease and other serious and chronic infections that might lack other treatment options. The project is based on the preliminary research from one of our PhD students, Katariina Mamia. It aims to aid local clinicians in offering more treatment options for these types of diseases as they are difficult to treat with standard therapies such as bone marrow transplant.

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