PRIMA Center of Excellence has officially launched!

We attended the PRIMA launch event

In September last year, we announced that the Precision Immunotherapy Alliance (PRIMA) Centre of Excellence had received initial funding.

It’s been a pleasure to observe the development of this project, and on 21st June 2023, the centre has officially launched, with an exciting launch event that most of our group attended. 😊

The event marked the formal start of PRIMA’s important journey, and we heard from various speakers and representatives from relevant institutions sharing their insights, inspirations and the larger context for the impactful work that lies ahead. This included a speech from the Rector of the University of Oslo, the Director of Oslo University Hospital, and the Head of the Research Council of Norway.

We also attended two keynote talks by renowned experts in the field of immunotherapy, Professor Michel Sadelain (MSKCC) and Professor John Haanen (NKI).

At Haapaniemi Group, we are incredibly proud to be a part of the alliance!

Photo from the launch event taken by our group member Shiva. Oline, who represents our group in one of PRIMA's initiatives, was mentioned in the presentation.

What is PRIMA?

PRIMA (short for Precision Immunotherapy Alliance) is a Center of Excellence funded by the Research Council of Norway and hosted by the University of Oslo, with Oslo University Hospital as a partner as well.

The objective of the centre is the advancement of immunotherapy against cancer. 

The centre consists of a team of around 100 talented and dedicated scientists, engineers, PhD students, and postdoctoral researchers from seven partnering groups, all putting their collective efforts into achieving groundbreaking discoveries that might not be possible to accomplish alone.

Young Scientists Working Group

One of the planned initiatives within the PRIMA centre is to create a Young Scientists Working Group, consisting of PhD students and Post Doc. 

Our group is represented by Oline, and will work together with others on topics important to students and post doc, for example, by organising various kinds of seminars ranging from scientific topics to developing soft skills and career-oriented competencies.

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