Celebrating Frida’s Master Thesis

We’ve had a lovely reason to celebrate as one of our alumni, Frida, completed her master thesis recently! 🥳

She defended her thesis on January 14th, 2022. Thesis title: “Optimization of CRISPR-Cas9 Tools for Precision Genome Editing in Monogenic Primary Immune Deficiency Diseases (PIDDs)”. 

She got an ‘A’ ! 🙌

After completing her MSc thesis, Frida moved to a scientist position at Zelluna Immunotherapy. Here’s what Frida has to say about her time with the Haapaniemi group, and what she’s working on at the moment.

My year at Haapaniemi Lab was packed with learning opportunities with great supervision throughout the whole year. During the thesis work, I got to learn a number of methods and techniques, including aseptic technique, primary cell culture, PCR, gel electrophoresis, transformation and cloning. 

In addition to the practical lab work, I gained experience with experimental planning and design, presentation of results, data analysis and preparing detailed journals. I enjoyed the working environment and had a great year with the team members of the lab.

Today I work as an Associate Scientist in Zelluna Immunotherapy were we are developing T cell receptor (TCR) guided Natural Killer (NK) cell immunotherapies for the treatment of solid cancers. 

The experiences I gained through my masters project have been very useful and relevant for my position in Zelluna.

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