We were present at the CSHG 2023 conference in Cyprus

Several researchers from Norway were invited to give a talk at The Cyprus Society of Human Genetics (CSHG) in Nicosia, capital city of Cyprus, in March 2023. Pavel from our group had an exciting opportunity to attend the conference as well, and presented our research there!

I am grateful to Norwegian grants allowing us to travel there and also to Emma (our group leader) giving me the opportunity to present our research strategy and results and therefore actively participate in the conference.

Additionally, I learned a lot of interesting facts about genetics of Cypriots and met several talented and enthusiastic researchers, including Dr Carsten Lederer and his research group. We discussed advancing gene therapy technologies and its application to treat haemoglobinopathies that is highly prevalent in Cyprus society.

What is CSHG?

The Cyprus Society of Human Genetics (CSHG) was founded on 3rd February 2004 with the main aim of promoting and developing the science of human genetics in Cyprus.

Human genetics studies human diversity by exploring genetic phenomena and mechanisms at the molecular or cellular level. Understanding these mechanisms will promote better diagnosis, treatment and prevention of human genetic diseases.

The CSHG wants to be a catalyst for this process in Cyprus by facilitating

  • networking of national and international biomedical professionals
  • organising the professional framework of geneticists in Cyprus
  • education, research, harmonisation and progress in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of inherited disorders.

Latest news

The event took place at the beautiful Oscarborg Fortress.
We have a post-doc position currently open, focusing on single-cell sequencing of the CRISPR-corrected cells.
Kata went to American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy (ASGCT) conference in Baltimore, which focuses on novel translational findings in the field.
Shiva presented her poster at the 2024 CRISPR Medicine Conference in Denmark.
We had the pleasure of attending the 41st NSI Annual Meeting on November 24th, 2023!